7 Best Snacks at Universal Studios Hollywood (2023)

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Alongside the awesome rides, shows and characters, there are some must-try snacks in Universal Studios Hollywood. From the iconic Harry Potter Butterbeer to a gigantic pink donut, we’ve put together this list of the best snacks at Universal Studios Hollywood – we hope you love these snacks as much as we do!

Universal Studios Hollywood Snacks

1 | Butterbeer

Cost: Butterbeer will set you back $8
Location: Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Most visitors heading to Universal Studios Hollywood make a beeline for the delicious wizarding beverage Butterbeer. Butterbeer is served exclusively in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and is one of the most popular snacks in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Studios Hollywood Snacks
Frozen Butterbeer in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

What does Butterbeer taste like?

We’re often asked what Butterbeer tastes like! We’d describe it as a very sweet drink that tastes like a cream soda malt shake crossed with butterscotch. Despite its sweetness, it’s very easy to drink and we can easily drink a couple in a day at Universal – our favorite is the milkshake-like frozen Butterbeer.

Does Butterbeer contain alcohol?

No! Butterbeer is a non alcohol drink.

What kind of Butterbeer is sold at Universal?

There are three types of Butterbeer at Universal Studios: frozen, hot, or regular. Our favorite is frozen Butterbeer as it’s more like a milkshake and is great on a hot day.

There are three locations in Universal Studios Hollywood where you can purchase Butterbeer, all of which are located in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter:

  • Butterbeer Carts
  • The Three Broomsticks
  • Hog’s Head
Universal Studios Hollywood Snacks
Grab a Butterbeer at the carts in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Best snacks at Universal Studios Hollywood tip: we highly recommend purchasing a Butterbeer early in the day, especially during weekends and busier holiday periods, as the queues can get really long during peak times.

2 | “The Big Pink” Donut

Cost: The Big Pink is $10
Location: Lard Lad Donuts, Springfield

You’ll find a steady line through the day at Lard Lard Donuts, and for good reason! Its most popular donut, “The Big Pink”, is one of the cutest (and one of the tastiest!) snacks in the park. This gigantic donut measures around 8 inches across and is easily shared between 2 to 4 people!

Universal Studios Hollywood Snacks
The Big Pink Donut at Lard Lard Donuts

“The Big Pink” costs $9.99 and is surprisingly good value considering how huge and tasty it is.

3 | Hooray for Everything Pretzel

Cost: the pretzel costs $7
Location: Suds McDuff’s Hot Dog Stand
, Springfield

Pick up a Hooray for Everything Pretzel at the hot dog stand in Springfield. We first bought a Hooray for Everything pretzel as a side snack to the hot dog and it turned out to be the star of the show!

Universal Studios Hollywood Snacks
Hooray for Everything Pretzel

While the Krusty hot dog was pretty average if we’re being honest, the Hooray for Everthing pretzel is surprisingly good. It’s very filling and great for sharing. If you’re looking for somewhere to sit and enjoy it we recommend grabbing a seat in Moe’s Bar just across the street.

Best Snacks in Universal Studios Hollywood: A word of warning, make sure to have extra napkins on hand, this one is greasy!

Universal Studios Hollywood Snacks
Moe’s Tavern in Springfield

4 | Tropical Sunset Cone

Cost: a Tropical Sunset Cone costs $7.29
Location: Studio Scoop (between the Mummy Returns and Transformers in the Lower Lot)

Make sure not to miss this amazing ice cream cone when you’re exploring the Lower Lot at Universal Studios Hollywood. Located between the Mummy Returns and Transformers, Studio Scoop sells the best ice creams in the park. While all the options are mouthwatering, there is something special about the Tropical Sunset Cone.

Universal Studios Hollywood Snacks
Tropical Sunset Cone at Studio Scoop

The ice cream is delicious and the different flavors of watermelon, orange, and blue goo on a single cone make it divine. Plus it looks great in photos!!

5 | Duff Beer

Cost: $15 for Duff or Duff LIte
Location: Moe’s Tavern and Duff Brewery Beer Garden
, Springfield

Sipping on Homer Simpson’s favorite Duff Beer is a rite of passage in Springfield!

Universal Studios Hollywood Snacks
Duff Beer

You can enjoy a Duff beer in both the Duff Brewery Beer Garden and Moe’s Tavern in Springfield. Our favorite was Moe’s Tavern and it’s the perfect spot to enjoy some time out from a hectic day at Universal Studios Hollywood. We grabbed some food from Cletus’ Chicken Shack next door to Mo’s Tavern and enjoyed a chilled Duff beer in Mo’s.

Universal Studios Hollywood Snacks
Moe’s Tavern

So what does the Duff beer taste like? We found it quite nice and would compare it to a darker, hoppier version of Budweiser.

Bonus Citywalk Locations

If you have time make sure to stop by some of the fantastic spots on CityWalk – if you are parking in the main park lot you will walk through CityWalk to enter Universal Studios Hollywood.

7 | Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Cost: Milkshakes cost around $15/$16
Location: CityWalk, Universal Studios Hollywood

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium is home to some of the prettiest milkshakes we ever did see. From Red Velvet to chocolate brownies and Key Lime Pie, the stunning milkshakes are the perfect sweet treat.

Universal Studios Hollywood Snacks
Our most recent Toothsome milkshakes

6 |Voodoo Donuts

Cost: donuts start at around $2 for a regular donut
Location: CityWalk, Universal Studios Hollywood

Renowned for the crazy variety and unique toppings that it puts on its doughnuts, the decor is colorful and quirky and the donuts are delicious.

Universal Studios Hollywood Snacks
Vodoo’s famous bacon maple bar

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